April 2005: IRIS Convention attendees

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Home Staging making its move into Nova Scotia
     By Tim Harris - Trade Winds Realty Inc.

A Little Style Works. Just Not Yours.
     By Vivian Marino - The New York Times

Changing the way real estate is sold
     By Don Fraser - The Standard

The Way you live in a home and the way you sell your house are two very different things!
     By Christine Rae - Port Dalhousie Peer

Home, Bland Home - Agents Strip Home's Personality All in the Name of Faster Sales
     By June Fletcher - The Wall Street Journal

Sellers who sell ‘on purpose’ get a faster sale
     By Terrylynn Fisher - Times Valley Version

How 'Staging' a House Can Pay Off for Sellers
     By Penny Doherty - The Wall Street Journal

All dressed up and ready to go: Statistics show benefits to staging
     By Joy Valentine - Mountain View Voice

Royal LePage Poll Find House Staging a Pre-Sale Must For Canadians

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