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The Invasion of the American Method... REAL ESTATE ON STAGE

Author: Hungarian Press
Publisher: Real Estate and Investment

In 1975, an American lady, Barb Schwarz, trademarked a new method of selling real estate. And since then-no mistake-450,000 real estate agents learned and applied this method in the United States.

This method in 17 years reached almost ½ a million people to cause them to examine small details and objects that we normally wouldn't think was important. The Method is looking for the details, and we know that sometimes the devil is in the details.

This is why Barb Schwarz calls it "Staging" because her opinion says that we have to put real estate on the stage like a director does in the theatre. Besides other things, she thinks it is very important before showing it to the potential buyer, to take away things, and clean from it everything that is attached to the seller. The potential buyer shouldn't step into an aura that is full of the personality of the seller, but can imagine the personality, taste and individuality of their own in their future home. So they can see a neutral space where they can imagine their belongings and their taste and how they imagine it. This subject and similar details and questions of the method that was trademarked, has been learned by not only real estate agents, but also builders and the general public who want to know how to sell their properties for more money and in a shorter amount of time.

The real estate market in Hungary is reaching the level when the details are getting more important and are having more of an impact on the sales price. In the long run this is why we can imagine the Hungarian Real Estate agents applying this training that has been so affective on the American Continent.

In the near future, those interested, will have a chance to learn Barb Schwarz Method. Istvan Sonkoly, a fellow countryman and his wife, who live in California, will have a four hour free training in the Hungarian's World Associations Headquarter Building on May 30. Everyone interested in having a taste of this method and thinks that this is also applicable in Hungary, can go to the two day training on June 7th & 8th. Naturally this training is not free but those that come to the previous introduction and believe that this American lady's method can help them sell their house faster and for more money, will find this training valuable.

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