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Water Filters

Contact Christine at 905.984.6955 for more information on how you can have peace of mind about YOUR drinking water.

We all know water is essential to live. But most of us are not aware of the crucial role water plays in virtually every organ and function of our bodies. Water does more than sustain life. It can actually improve our health, our fitness, and even our appearance. You'll learn more about the importance of drinking water as you read through this section.


Peace of mind benefits:

  • Destroys more than 99.9999% of bacteria

  • Destroys more than 99.99% of viruses

  • Effectively removes more than 99.95% of cysts

  • Effectively removes more than 140 potential health-effect

  • Contaminants including disinfectant by-products, many pesticides, lead, mercury, and radon

  • The first in-home system certified to meet these three separate international standards of water quality by NSF International: Standard 42: Improves taste, odour, and clarity. Standard 53: Reduces health-effect contaminants. Standard 55: Reduces microorganisms with UV light

  • Does not remove beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and fluoride

  • Uses exclusive patented technology

  • Comes with a two-year limited warranty on parts and labour, and a satisfaction guarantee

Easy to use features:

  • It installs easily

  • It works well at all household water pressures, from very low (15 psi or 103.4KPa) to very high (125 psi or 862KPa)

  • It is more convenient (and less costly) than bottled water

  • It has a high flow rate to fill your glass or container quickly

  • The replaceable filter/cartridge is designed to meet the average cooking and drinking water needs of a family of six for one year or 5,000 litres (1,320 gallons), whichever comes first

  • The UV bulb switches on only when you turn on the tap, so water flows cold, not warmed by the UV light

  • Because the bulb is not on all the time, you do not waste energy

  • A patented monitor display lets you know the system is functioning properly

  • Electronic "smart chips" provides worry-free monitoring and lets you know when replacement is required

  • Replacements are simple and require no tools

  • The eSpring monitor automatically resets itself when replacement is complete

  • The base unit is constructed of durable, high-impact plastic

  • The only electrical requirement is a regular grounded outlet


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