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Q. What is Home Staging?

A. Staging is the process of preparing a house for sale regardless of price, location & condition. Canadian Staging professionals follow a proven system for arranging furnishings, to create a positive impact on buyers the minute they walk through the door.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. Less money than reducing your price!

In fact,the staging process helps to ensure you don't lose money; Staging secures the equity in your home - it's a secured investment! In a hot market buyers often receive offers for more than asking price. Return on investment is quick.

You will see your initial investment in Staging back in your pocket when you sell you home. The Staging process usually starts with a Consultation. This Consultation will determine what needs to be completed and then prioritized to meet your budget.

Q. I like my house as it is. Why cant viewers see past my possessions and style and have some imagination?

A. The home staging process puts a sparkle in the buyer's eyes! Many adults leave their imagination where they left their childhood.

Buying a house is huge financial investment & commitment one which could involve decades of responsibility. Staging helps buyers to see past your belongings to the "perfect" house for their needs.

When you decide to sell your home, think of it as a product. Focus on why you are selling. To reach that goal fast, and at a profit, you need to detach, make your home a house, a product to package and market.

Q. I have heard all houses sell eventually. So why do I need to have my home staged?

A. All house don't always sell! over a third don't. The question to ask is how much is it costing you NOT to prepare your property for sale?If your house sits on the market longer than necessary it is actually costing you money - equity is dwindling It costs money for marketing, advertising, continued mortgage and taxes. And the longer your house sits on the market the more likely your asking price will be reduced. It will also may prevent you from shopping for your new home!

Q. Does it make any difference whether my house is already on the market or not, before I have my home Staged?

A. Ideally, you would want to Stage your home before it goes on the market. However, if your home is already on the market Staging now will decrease any additional time it could sit. Not to mention you can save thousands of dollars that are being chipped off the asking price with sitting time.

Q. What is the difference between Redecorating and Staging?

A. Unlike interior decorating, which concentrates on making the owner feel at home, the staging objective is to make the buyer feel at home! Staging works to appeal to all potential buyers.

Q. What if I am already using a Realtor®?

A. Great!! Realtors love to show well prepared homes. Realtors know that a prepared home will bring higher offers. Visually, the profile photos used in marketing your home in print and internet advertising will be more appealing and attract more traffic at showings. In return more offers.



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