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Why Stage your home?

Articles that tell you why Staging is the answer when selling your home.

Home, Bland Home - Agents Strip Home's Personality All in the Name of Faster Sales
- June Fletcher
The Wall Street Journal

Sellers who sell ‘on purpose’ get a faster sale
- Terrylynn Fisher Times Valley Version

How 'Staging' a House Can Pay Off for Sellers
- Penny Doherty
Wall Street Journal







Why Should You Stage?

Thoroughly preparing your house for sale makes a great first impression on prospective buyers!

The message buyers receive is "this house won't be on the market long, if we want it, we had better put an offer in NOW!" Makes buyers want to move in, not on.

Prospective buyers make a decision within a few seconds of walking through your front door. They will spend the rest of the tour confirming their impression whether it is favourable or not. It is important to appeal to the widest range of people previewing your house, buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your house, because buyers only know what they see not the way it is going to be. A property needs to be presented in a very different way than how you live in it.

It doesn't matter why you are selling the house, it needs to be marketed as a product. If your product is damaged, or doesn't meet the standards of other products being sold for the same price, then your product will sit on the shelf until the "clearance sale". Think of your house as a product and like any other product it needs to be presented in good condition, well packaged, it's benefits highlighted and distractions minimized.

How you present your home determines how long your house will sit on the market, and how much money you will make from it.

Why Should Realtors, Homeowners and Builders Stage?

When Realtors Stage® they:

  • Sell listings faster and for more money.
  • Build a reputation for showing the best houses, and selling them FAST without price reductions.
  • Learn to convince all their sellers to prepare their home for selling.
  • Have an advantage over competing houses on the market in the same price range.
  • Have beautiful photos for print and internet advertising, creating more traffic at showings and thus receiving more offers.
  • Let home inspectors and appraisers know that the home is taken care of, to receive positive evaluations which will result in higher offers.
  • Show the home owner that you go above and beyond the normal listing procedures, creating the opportunity for their client testimonials and instant referrals to friends and family.

When Homeowners Stage® they:

  • Sell their homes faster while securing the equity in their home
  • Find Realtors like a prepared house and will end up with more showings, more traffic and more offers.
  • Can market their home for less money, when the home sells faster the advertising investments are lower.
  • Reduce the stress of getting their home on the market
  • Eliminate price reductions and buyers who chip away at the asking price

When Builders Stage® they:

  • Receive their initial investment and more profit quicker, turning assets into cash.
  • Show a buyer the functions of the rooms they have built,
  • Help buyers mentally move into their home. Buyers only know what they see, not the way it was going to be.

The investment of time, effort & dollars to get a property fully ready for sale usually is less than reducing the price on your home after it sits for a few weeks or months.

Why Should You Hire Stage2Sell To Help?

It is difficult to be objective when you are surrounded by the items and furniture you love. It is hard to decide what to pack and what to leave on display. An CSP™ is trained to help you focus on the sale, to highlight the features and benefits so that a buyer will see their own treasures, their own furniture and their own future, right there in your old living room! CSP™s also have additional marketing venues ; they can place your home on high traffic websites for additional exposure.

How is it done? Canadian Home Staging

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Reatlors: Call Staged2Sell to provide your seller with a customized customer service and give your listing a marketing edge. Statistics show staged properties sell on average twice as fast as unstaged ones and for more money. Market your listings with an exclusive service from Staged2Sell

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