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What if we told you that we could fill a room with potentials clients just like this and for the price of a lunch and beverage you could have their undivided attention for 15 minutes? For the duration of 8 hours your marketing and company branding would be on display and you would send them home with a package of information all about YOU?

Decorating Solutions is offering you that opportunity.

We are looking for sponsors to provide lunch and/or dinner for our students who attend our 2 - 3 day courses in your city. This will keep the cost of tuition lower for our students, and provides our sponsors with an opportunity to reach their direct target market.

Sponsorship is a solid form of advertising. It is a great way to get in front of your Direct Target Market. It is often less than the price of placing an ad in a newspaper, magazine, or any form of print media, but with a better return of investment!

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You can determine if sponsoring our Staging® Classes are in your best interest by answering the next question. Can the following people use your services to benefit their business?

Stagers (ASP™), Interior Decorators, Home Planners, Real Estate Agents, New Business Owners, or Home Owners.

If you answered yes, than sponsoring our classes will impact your business!

The services that these people can use on a monthly, weekly or daily basis may include:

Furniture Rental Companies – Stagers® are trained to Stage vacant homes with rented furniture, charging the home owners a rental fee to help the owner sell their home faster.

Home Décor & Accessories – Stagers® build inventory with natural looking and complimenting pieces of home décor, so they can use these in their Staged homes and vacant properties.

Storage Facilities – For most Stagers®, it isn't long after they begin their new business that their closets, garages and living units become crowded with pieces of furniture and home décor items that are not in use and thus require storage.

Real Estate Attorneys – 40% of the students who attend the Decorating Solutions/StagedHomes Staging Course are Realtors. They are learning to offer the Staging Services to help their listings sell faster. The remaining 60% of the Stagers are looking to work closely with Realtors.

Other services who would benefit from Sponsoring are: State Attorneys, Mortgage Brokers, Bankruptcy, Sign Companies, Title Search, Home Inspectors, Home Insurance Companies, Home Repair Companies and Paint Companies.

As a Sponsor you will:

    1. Promote your company and services to Direct Target Market.

    2. Receive a Display Card with your company logo, to be showcased with your sponsored meal. (Example: "This break is brought to you compliments of OTB Marketing & Design") The design and display card is provided by Decorating Solutions.

    3. The Opportunity to speak and educate the students about your product or services. Your company will be allotted 1ten minutes on the day of your sponsored event. (Samples of your service & products are welcome.)

    4. Your company information will be distributed and sent home with the students. Material provided by your company.

    5. A web link to your company site will be featured on Decorating Solutions Corporate site.


    After course completion, you will be featured in a monthly newsletter sent to ASP grads, new grads and those contemplating taking our ASP courses in the future. This represents 1000's of subscribers!

The Investment for the Sponsor:

The investment for the sponsor ranges from $15 - $30 per student. This will depend on location and class size. Class sizes range from 6 - 60 students.

Call 905-937-4357 for more details about the program in your city.


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